Outside of popular tourist places like Bali it might happen you will not always find someone who speaks English. So it is advisable to learn some basic words in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). It also shows Indonesians that you care about their culture. Just a few words will go a long way with the locals!

There is over 700 local languages in Indonesia. But don’t worry, you just need to focus on Bahasa Indonesia to make yourself understood. It is the official Indonesian language and almost everybody speaks it. Read More

Unfortunately there isn’t a more polite way to put it: Traffic in Jakarta sucks! There is a reason why Jakarta was named the world’s city with the worst traffic according to a study by oil company Castrol. A growing number of cars, an even more rapidly growing city in general and a lack of decent public transportation in Jakarta result in heavily congested streets. Especially during rush hour it is not uncommon to spend one hour per every 2 km of road. So depending on where and when you want to go it might actually be faster to walk than taking the car. Read More

If tranquility and pristine white sand beaches is what you’re after, look no further than Gili Meno. The smallest of the three islets off the coast of Lombok will instantly captivate you with its Robinson Crusoe feeling. Read More

Borobudur is a must see on any visit to the Indonesian main island of Java, for foreign and domestic tourists alike. Located about a one hour drive northwest from the city of Yogyakarta, this magnificent ancient temple is the world’s biggest monument of Buddhism and one of the highlights of every trip to Indonesia.


The Site of Borobudur

With its rectangular shape, each side 120 meters long and at a height of about 35 meters, this pyramid is sure to impress any visitor. There are three platforms with over 2,000 stone reliefs telling the path of Buddha to Nirvana. The Borobudur temple is supposed to have been constructed between 750 and 850 AD and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Read More